All Saints Episcopal Church

1508 S. White Station Rd. Memphis, TN 38117


The Mission of All Saints' Episcopal Church is to explore and celebrate God's infinite grace, acceptance, and love with all God's children.

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Church Calendar

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All Saints is located in East Memphis at the Corner of Quince and White Station

Sunday Schedule

9:00 am - Children's Sunday School, Susan Leigh
9:00 am - "The Holy Bible: Cover to Cover", Doug Cupples
10:00 am - Services in Main Church
Fr. Jerry Crook

followed by Coffee Hour

Vestry for 2015

Susan Leigh, Sr. Warden (2016)

Price Harris (2016)

Martha Morton (2015)

Connie Cupples (2017)

Mary Boyd (2015) 

Karen Carson (2016)

John Blanton (2015)

Beverly Holmgren, Parliamentarian (2017)

Nancy Ditto, Clerk (2017)