All Saints' Episcopal Church

1508 South White Station Road

Memphis, TN 38117  ~  Contact Office 901.685.7333


Service 10:00 am ~ In-person Worship


All Saints' Garden

All Saints’ Parishioners are grateful for the tender loving care of the community garden by Cissy Vaughn and Carol Hopper.  Sometime in August we can pick  okra, peppers, new varieties of tomatoes, and corn! 


One Sunday bring your baskets and pick some of the delights from the garden.  The cantaloupes are ready. There is plenty of room for anyone to plant  their own garden too, so let them know, and they will help you get started. 


 In Our Prayers at All Saints’

Fr. Crook, Christy, Mamie, Edris, Joyce, Sterling, Susan, Doris B., Penny,

Alexander, Kendell, Karen, Calvin, Jennifer, Yvonne, Edith, Jean,

Laura, Iris, Garry, Kerwyn, Mia, Sherry, John B., John L.


And all of our wonderful parishioners who are unable to attend in person,

we miss you and bless you.


August Birthdays

7    Nina J            9    Sharon M              15  Andrew   W               24  Virginia C

August Anniversaries

 10th Matt & Priscilla          10th Pat & Nancy           25th Cain & Karen 



The Rev. Audrey Taylor Gonzalez is sharing her Sermons

with All Saints' Episcopal...go to Sermons and Insprirations




The Mission of All Saints' Episcopal Church is to explore and celebrate God's infinite grace, acceptance,

and love with all God's children, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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