Parish Life

Parishioners come together for many reasons at All Saints'.

  We celebrate the Eucharist, serve the community,

and build friendships during our coffee hours, celebrations, and dinners.  


All Saints' Garden                             Tomatoes, Corn, Beans


All Saints' Parishioners says Goodbye to Deacon Nancy O'Shea


We wish Nancy and Pat the very best in their RETIREMENT.

We will miss you both.



A Prayer for All Saints'


Gracious God, we pray for your blessing upon All Saints' Episcopal Church.  Increase our faith an further our efforts for the coming of your Kingdom.  Guide and strengthen us to serve you better in all we do, and lead us to know and do your will.

 Grant that all we do here and in our lives  be to your honor and glory.  

This we ask in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen


Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury

Michael, our Presiding Bishop

Phoebe, our Bishop




Vestry for 2020


Karen Carson Sr. Warden (2020)

Doug Jones, Jr Warden (2020)

Shirley Bullard. Clerk (2022)

Kim Johnson (2022)

Darlene Rikard (2022)

Doug Cupples (2020)

Kensley Bynoe (2021)

Beverly Holmgren (2021)


Cain Carson, Treasurer